MGW: 2014 registration opens

Happy New Year! 2014 has just begun and we have started the search for the next title-holder of Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World. Do you want to have a go? It is as easy as 1-2-3. The search for the next Mr Gay World is on, and can you register in three easy […]

Mr Gay World 2013 Vlog 6

Do you love who you are?

I am grateful for a great many things in my life. Some privileges, opportunities, and experiences were luck of the draw, come into because of circumstance. A great deal of opportunities though were created through concerted efforts of my own. I am even more blessed because I have air in my lungs, an able body, […]

Reflections on Russia

This past week was met with more of the ever eye-opening conditions in Russia, I knew they were bad but why isn’t anyone stepping in? My uneasiness is further underscored by the fact that the Miss Universe competition took place in Moscow and did nothing to raise any issues concerning the treatment of Russian LGBT […]

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Halloween is one of my favourite holidays.

Growing up in NZ and SA I was privy to the Halloween experience through American television. Kids running around collecting candy and tricking the ungenerous always seemed like a fun pastime. The holiday itself hadn’t really caught on here until very recently. I really enjoy it now, in part because it is another excuse to catch […]

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A fourteen year old’s New Year’s Resolution

Every year we look at ourselves and our accomplishments, some of us are proud of their accomplishments and plan more while some others look at derailings and make plans to better themselves. It’s funny when I meet people who would like to credit my success in life to my steely abdominals. Or mention that I […]

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And so it is done!

With my heavy eyelids closing on the eve of a new week, the past week fades into a distant haze of memories and experiences. The only thing that I am still aware of is the warmth of my bed and the tension slowly easing in my body. What a week! I must confess that with […]

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‘Tis the season to be dancing!

Hello global community, I hope you are well. Whilst preparing for the touring and official duties, my ordinary life continues; behind the sash I work as a Fitness Instructor and Professional Dancer. This week I have been thrust into the spotlight again, not for my works as GLBT activist, but as a performer. This Sunday past […]

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Mr Gay World 2013 Vlog: Day 3

Mr Gay World 2013 Vlog: Day 2

Mr Gay World 2013 Vlog: Day 1

2014: The world divided

Even if Mr Gay World is all about friendship and connecting gay people from all over the world it also […]

NOH8 for Mr Gay World

Most people are against hate, and at Mr Gay World we have joined the fight against it. Each year the […]

My first foray with the Good Morning Show

This week in the life of Mr Gay World: My first foray with the Good Morning Show. Upon arriving back […]