MGW2014: Who is your favourite?

Who is you favourite among the 32 Mr Gay World 2014 delegates? Now you can cast your vote and tell us who do think should be the new Mr Gay World! 32 brave, proud and good-looking men meet in Rome the last week in August, the competition is tough and only one can win the […]

MGW2014: Here are all the delegates!

Press Release: Delegates from 32 countries around the world are ready to compete in the sixth annual Mr Gay World competition in the eternal city of Rome 24 – 31 august. In co-operation with the famous party venue Gay Village Rome, the delegates will contend in different competitions for a whole week until one of them […]

Here are the first delegates

In about five weeks delegates from all over the world are flying in to Rome to take part in the 6th annual Mr Gay World; here are the first delegates that are ready to compete for the title! Take a good look at the guys as later on they will depend on your support – your online vote […]

Get ready for Mr Gay World

Mr Gay World takes place in Rome 25 – 31 August in the fabulous Gay Village Rome – come join the party! In 2012 Gay Village Rome hosted the Mr Gay Europe Grand Final. It was such a success that Gay Village was awarded Mr Gay World 2014 and it all takes place this summer. […]

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MGW2014: Partner hotel

Mr Gay World takes place in Rome 25 – 31 August and we are getting delegates signing on from all over the world. Friends, family and fans of the different delegates have been in contact with us regarding accommodation in Rome during the event. Our Executive Producers in Rome recommends Hotel Colombo Rome close to […]

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MGW: 2014 registration opens

Happy New Year! 2014 has just begun and we have started the search for the next title-holder of Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World. Do you want to have a go? It is as easy as 1-2-3. The search for the next Mr Gay World is on, and can you register in three easy […]

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Do you love who you are?

I am grateful for a great many things in my life. Some privileges, opportunities, and experiences were luck of the draw, come into because of circumstance. A great deal of opportunities though were created through concerted efforts of my own. I am even more blessed because I have air in my lungs, an able body, […]

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Reflections on Russia

This past week was met with more of the ever eye-opening conditions in Russia, I knew they were bad but why isn’t anyone stepping in? My uneasiness is further underscored by the fact that the Miss Universe competition took place in Moscow and did nothing to raise any issues concerning the treatment of Russian LGBT […]

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