Flavio Romero, MR. Gay World Ecuador 2017

Last Friday, February 3, Mr. Gay World Ecuador Final Gala took place. Flavio Romero, 27, native from the province of Manabí, Portoviejo, won the title and became the representative of Ecuador in Mr. Gay World 2017, that will take place in Madrid and Maspalomas from 5 to 11 may.

Virgo sign and a dark skin, this manabita along with his fellow finalists, Christian Barzola and Juan Carlos Cevallos, walked through the runway in swimwear, traditional outfit and formal. Could not miss the famous question of rigor, where they have to show how they think and their naturalness in responding to various issues that overwhelm the LGBTI community such as discrimination, equal marriage, adoption and rights violation.

Juan Carlos Cevallos (Pichincha) is the first finalist and he won the prize to the best traditional outfit due to his creativity and inspiration in the flora and fauna of Ecuador.

The best visage prize was to Christian Barzola (Santa Elena), who has the support of his family and friends since his adolescent. All the finalists are proud to be part of the first edition of the contest, that will open many doors, and that will give visibility as community to the world.

Mauricio Erazo (Shirley Stonyrock) is the event organizer and he said that the difficulty is to have the support of private copanies and the community, that is why he do everything under his own self-management. He thanks the people that were present in all the contest path until the Final Gala in Hotel Best Western CPlaza. He wants to mention the importance of the first time that Ecuador is present in an international contest of this nature. Flavio Romero and the organization will do the better they can to represent Ecuador the way it deserves.

Flavio Romero is starting a stage of physical and image preparation and of human rights knowledges to meet the expectations and to compete with other 20 countries in the international contest.  He will participate in cultural, sports event and in the Final Gala.

The organizer, Mauricio Erazo, declare that Ecuador match other countries where the gay community is strong, and that a lot to contribute as society and to promote the tourism in the country.