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Hong Kong to host Mr Gay World™ 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa (June 2018). – Hong Kong has been chosen to host the Mr Gay World™ 2019 contest by the executive committee of the Gay World™. The host city, that has been kept secret for a while, was revealed at the Mr Gay World™ 2018 contest in South Africa.

This news is particularly good for Hong Kong as it has also been chosen to host the Gay Games in 2022.

Hong Kong was chosen to host Mr Gay World™ 2019 on the strength of being a popular destination for global supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. As far as gay rights are concerned, the city still has a long way to go. Currently, same-sex marriage or civil unions are not recognised. Instead, such arguments have been the subject of many ongoing court cases in the city. However, in 2009, the HK Government extended limited recognition and protection to cohabitating same-sex couples in its Domestic Violence Ordinance.

This year, Hong Kong made submissions to Mr Gay World™ indicating its willingness to host the contest. The city had to prove that it has adequate infrastructure to host tourists, delegates and the media from around the world. The venue was also carefully scrutinized along with its transport system to see how easy it is to travel to and from hotels and guesthouses.  Furthermore, the city needed to prove that it can maintain positive media exposure ahead of the contest and show an incredible eagerness to be in the international spotlight for the duration of the contest.

“Hong Kong passed this test with flying colours,” said Mr. Eric G. Butter, President of Mr Gay World™. “Although we had some great submissions from other countries, we as a committee felt Hong Kong deserved to host our contest. Mr Gay World™ has been in the running now for 10 years and I am very proud of how the contest has grown.”

“It is of course great exposure for Hong Kong as delegates, their management and supporters from all around the world, will travel to this beautiful city for the duration of the contest,” said Butter. “At the same time, the contest is a global platform where members of the gay community share ideas on how they are fighting the cause for acceptance and understanding.”

“We were obviously quite excited at the news that Mr Gay World™ has chosen us as the host city,” said Charles Sun, President of Yunqiaoshang, the local organizing committee. “We have many challenges in our country, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights. But we are hoping that our government will see the financial benefits events like these have on our economy. We can’t wait to welcome gays and their supporters to Hong Kong next year. We are ready!”

Hong Kong is also home to Mr. Gay World™ 2015 Mass Luciano. Mr Gay World™ 2019 will be held in June next year.


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