Juan Pedro Pavez Bohle was chosen Mister Gay Chile 2017

The accountant and dancer will have the mission to represent Chile in the Mister Gay World 2017 competition to be held in Spain.

After five months of competitions, the Chilean gay community has a new representative. Juan Pedro Pavez Bohle was the winner in a disputed grand finale held the night of January 7th, at Acqua Diva Discotheque in Rancagua City.

The delegate from Los Lagos region was one of the favorite candidates after winning in the preliminary competition. Pavez Bohle won the performance competition in national costumes, with a costume inspired in the Gods of the sea, a mythology of the South of Chile. Juan Pedro also won the talent competition. Estefano De La Rivera, Mr. Gay Valparaiso was another favorite delegate who had been proclaimed Mr. Social Networks with the support obtained in Instagram and Facebook. Finally the representative of Valparaíso occupied the third place.

The event was hosted by the national director of the contest and former Mr. Gay Chile, Pablo Salvador and the drag queen Francisca Thompson. The public crowded the place and expressed at all times their support to their favorite contestant.

Jesus Castillo, Mr. Gay Los Andes, who finally ended in second place, took the medals of Mr. Popularity and Beauty with a Purpose, for his social contribution as Monitor against Gender Violence and the trophy to the candidate with greater support on Twitter. In the final night, Mr. Body was also chosen, a medal that fell on Pavez Bohle for his performance in the swimsuit contest.

Juan Pedro said in his account https://www.instagram.com/jpbailarin/, that he feels very happy and satisfied with the triumph that was “a hard work, a lot of effort, facing great competitors … I commit myself, to working hard, and represent my beautiful country in #mrgayworld in Madrid, in the best way that I can, ” he said.

The national director of the contest said that he was satisfied at the end of the event: “it has been a long process. In the beginning were 36 candidates admitted in the online casting and in the final we arrived with the top 10. I’m happy and focused on preparing Juan Pedro’s trip to Spain. The Mr. Gay World contest is a very difficult competition, in which in addition to the physical aspect value  communication skills,  sports,  talent and  creativity are taken into account. I think Juan Pedro can represent us very well in Spain and we will support him to do so, “said Pablo Salvador.

Cover and article photos courtesy of Alexis Camp.