Eric Butter 2

Eric Butter

President, Owner and Founder of the Mr Gay World Competition.

Eric is an ambitious entrepreneur who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. Builds and retains high performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals.

Eric handles all functions related to putting together a team of professionals to foresee that the annual event is delivered to its optimum standards, hosting between 20 to 25 delegations from all over the world. He is the driving force of the Organisation.

In the last eleven years he has taken the event to Canada, Norway, Philippines, Belgium, Italy, Malta, Spain and four times in South Africa.

Rubin van Niekerk

Rubin van Niekerk

Head Judge
Editor and Publisher – Gay Pages.

Rubin founded the first gay business association in Africa, named The Family Business in January 1992. This business network arranged many fancy dress cabaret shows every six weeks at venues like the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. He directed and planned these very popular sold-out events for four years. New members would be welcomed to great fanfare in flamboyant and glamorous gay style. Due to the success of these events, The Family Business published a newsletter that evolved over time into the first edition of the South African Family Business Directory published on 10 December 1994. Two years later, on International Human Rights Day, 10 December 1996, Nelson Mandela signed the South African constitution at Sharpeville, Vereeniging. By the second edition it became known as the Gay Pages. Now in its 28th year of publication, this classy coffee table magazine is well known in gay households around the world, and has had a digital sibling since 2019, making it a truly global gay publication. It has also been aligned with various archives globally and is the only South African magazine linked to monetised research global archives. As such it has massive historical value for writers, humanitarian activists and event organisers.

This well-rounded gay lifestyle magazine covers medical research, travel, restaurants, wine, history, cars and obviously caters to the most flamboyant members of our society, offering something for every reader.

Rubin is also a member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists and has been a juror for the South African Car Of The Year competition for 12 years. He has been one of the organisers of this competition for 7 years and is now involved with the planning of the 2022 South African Car of The Year competition. Rubin became The Chairman of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists in 2018 and was honoured to become the President of the SAGMJ in 2020.

In 2017 he became the country winner in the SME sector of CEO Global’s Pan African Titans Building Nations Awards competition amongst 12 000 nominees and in 2018 became the Regional Winner and subsequently, the Continental Winner in Africa from a list of nominees from 54 countries in 2019. In the light of the homophobia in Africa this was a huge achievement and proved that a business culture and ethics are alive and prospering in a continent were political leaderships falters frequently, especially regarding human or gay rights.

He has been a judge and head judge in many pageants since 1998 and has been honoured to serve as head judge for Mr Gay World in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

A keen interest in decorative art has led to a collection of paintings, bronze sculptures, and antiques. Rubin and his partner Alan Samons, an Asian art expert and restorer, live in Melville and have a very spoiled furry pit bull boy named Maximus, who is a true gladiatorial dog ready for combat, but at heart he is also a total cuddle bunny.

Edwin Reinerie

Winq, Amsterdam.

When I was 12 years old, my father bought me a typewriter. I cycled through the neighborhood and remembered all the local news: the neighbor who was cleaning the windows (again!) and why did the residents of number 14 need a second car? I wrote everything down and cut and pasted it into a newspaper and scattered that before dawn in letterboxes all over the neighborhood. In retrospect, I think the neighbors were terrified of this invasion of their privacy. It was the beginning of my working life; I never stopped telling stories.

I climbed my way up to editor in chief of different magazines before I started my own publishing company and magazine: Winq. Now, 16 years later my magazine is one of the last mags standing, probably because I also created an online presence for my brand.

At 53 of age and being fortunate to be in this business for so long, I’ve seen most of all gay scenes in the world. And met people from all different backgrounds. That is what I look forward most of taking part in Mr. Gay World: getting to know ya all!

Fran Alvarado

Current Mr Gay World and Family Doctor.

Fran is 30 years old. He is a family doctor currently living in Madrid. He is in the front trenches of helping and assisting patients with COVID-19.

He grew up in a small municipality in the west of Spain living with his grandparents and was supported by his family since coming out to them at the age of 16.

He likes to surround himself with people who bring out the positive in him and cherish friendships as he is still friends with persons he met in his youth.

He entered MR GAY WORLD to continue giving visibility to the group and learn more about LGBTIQ+ activism in the world.

Coenraad Kukkuk

Attorney and LGBTQ+ Rights Activist.

Coenie Kukkuk is a practicing attorney of the High Court of South Africa and served as a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court from 1996 – 2009 and as the attorney of Joburg Pride from 2007 to 2011.

He currently edits the social news network Gayspeak.co.za. He was also a founder director of Mr Gay South Africa (Pty) Ltd in 2009 and served on the board of Mr Gay World from 2011 – 2016 as Director of Africa & Middle East.

Lee-Ann van Rooi

Multi-Award Winning Actor, Director and Producer.

Well known and deeply loved by our South African audiences and the performing arts landscape for her contribution to the industry, this a multi-award winning, highly versatile actor, director and producer has credits that stretch across various mediums of film, TV, stage, puppetry, academics and radio – both locally and internationally. Her 26 years of dedication has not only brought her critical acclaim but has also cemented van Rooi as one of South Africa’s most iconic storytellers.

She is particularly interested in growing a sustainable, omni-inclusive, emotionally and culturally conscious performers and audiences alike, who support Arts and Culture in a responsible and fair way.

“The power of a good story is fascinating, the manner in which a good story is absorbed into the very soul of the audience. How it settles there and becomes part of their very nature and in so doing, becomes story again.” says van Rooi

In 2015 Lee-Ann founded her own company, Bossikop Productions (PTY) LTD. Born out of the need to be the boss of one’s own head, especially when it came to the intellectual property of being a person of colour and the sharing of their stories. With Bossikop Productions, she endeavours to flip the existing narrative and to amend the representation of people of colour, especially that of women. The company creates work that is high-end, raw and confrontational. It pushes and crumples and shifts boundaries through adaptations and narratives filled with intelligence, emotional and intelligence, filled with heart and respect and rooted deeply within an Africa driven context, without being apologetic.

On a deeply personal level, she is focussed on authentic leadership. Works closely in educational institutions and corporate world, applying drama technique to create, identify and support the Leaders of tomorrow.

Jacques Avril du Toit

Neuro-linguistic Programming Masters Practitioner.

Jacques Avril du Toit has not only dedicated his life to enhancing the footprint of the arts in Southern Africa, but he is undoubtedly one of the most prominent cheerleaders for arts, culture and diversity. The tale of art and culture is intricately woven into the fabric of society and are therefore spontaneous vessels for the representation and plight of social justice and equality – for Jacques the relationship has always been policy adjacent and so it was also inevitable that the lines between his personal and professional inclinations and aspirations would blur. The pursuit of greatness could not be had without the pursuit for justice, and this is very much the discourse of Jacques’ career.

Jacques is a former Chairperson of the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa Writing Centres (SIG), a national committee member of the Performance Network of Southern Africa (PANSA) and former Chairperson of the Board of the Association for Visual Arts (AVA). Jacques is currently the Chairperson of the Board of the Pride Shelter Trust, the only LGBT+ shelter in Africa. He holds a Master’s degree in modern foreign languages (educational technology) focusing on writing development, socio-cognitive processes of language learning and academic discourse socialisation. He is also an accredited and practicing Neuro-linguistic Programming Masters practitioner.

Jacques’s passion for unfettered expression and artistic freedom to the backdrop of contemporary South Africa impelled him to shift his focus and address issues such as human and language rights, gender and class inequalities, academic and social literacies through his role as activist and e-activist. Jacques currently works with a variety of organisations locally and globally on sustainability and impact of change within marginalised communities whilst advocating equality. Having worked as MC for both local and international events, Jacques is dedicated to eliminating social dissonance in modern day society.

Stuart Hatton

Mr Gay World 2014 and Businessman.

Stuart Hatton won Mr Gay World in Rome, Italy in 2014. representing The United Kingdom.

Stuart runs a very successful branch of dance schools across the UK, specialising in Ballroom and Latin American Dancing and adjudicates on the competitive world stage and examiner for the NCDTA.

He is also a presenter for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and presents his own weekly show on Pride Radio which broadcasts live to 152 countries.

Stuart is also the owner and producer of Mr Gay England, Mr Gay Wales and Mr Gay Scotland.

Kyle Smith

LGBTQ+ Advocate.

I’m a passionate technology geek with over 14 years of experience in the corporate technology sector, having started in the industry at the tender age of 18. My interests are wide and varied and include motoring and cars, gadgets, music and aviation to name a few. I am usually found washing and detailing my car on the weekends or simply enjoying some of the finest old school music at home, if I am not out socialising and enjoying some of life’s little treasures.

I’m a huge advocate for LGBT+ rights and genital autonomy and I fight for these causes both in the workplace, as the chair person of my companies LGBT+ and Friends Network; and in my personal life educating people about the importance of biological anatomy and the difference between gender and biology. I’m looking for a candidate who possesses the right drive and passion to be both an LGBT+ leader, and who is also not afraid to stand up and challenge common taboo topics of discussion and practice. We all need to be the change we wan to see in the world.

Michael Fisher

The pioneer of aspirational yet affordable fragrances and cosmetics in South Africa.

Michael Fisher is a living image of a self-made man who has a vision and is on a mission to uplift and amplify the South African cosmetic and fragrance industry.

His passion and commitment over 40 years in this industry is clearly reflected in his body of work and the impressive list of memorable brands that he either created himself or has been involved in the marketing thereof.

Michael has vast experience in all aspects of this very demanding field and has contributed to the launching and marketing of many brands from entry level, to middle and top prestige names including well-known and much-loved brands like Mary King, Gala, Max Factor, Juvena, Ralph Lauren, Dermalogica, Redken and Tinkerbell kiddies play cosmetics.

Now successfully spearheading enduring and popular male & female fragrance and body sprays like English Leather, Ensign, Integrity (formerly Insignia) and his own creation, Michaelgameplan men’s grooming products, Michael is still very happily caretaking Thumbelina kiddies body products which have been delighting young girls in South Africa since 2005.

Things have changed dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic and we are facing an entire new order worldwide, but instead of seeing the glass half-empty, Michael sees an ideal opportunity to market high-quality Fine Fragrance for both men and women under his own name label at affordable retail prices that won’t break the bank. It’s a bold, brave move in uncertain times but he knows what consumers really want.

Michael believes that now is the time for people to re-invent themselves, to aspire to bigger things despite recent & current challenges, and to emerge proud and confident of who they are and what they can achieve. He intends to launch initially in South Africa but has plans to widen his market globally as well.

Rudi du Toit


I have successfully completed a pageant judging course and am a certified pageant judge. I have completed many photographic courses and I am an international photographer for international pageants. I am an official photographer for Mr Gay World International.


Ian Ferreira Massyn

– Professional Accountant (SA
– Commissioner of Oaths (RSA)
– Member of the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.
– Audit Manager at Mazars
– Youngest Board Director at the South African Institute of Professional Accountants, as well as elected member of the Executive committee of the SAIPA Board.
– Chairperson of the SAIPA Southern Region.
– Subject advisory board member for school of accounting at Nelson Mandela University.
– Board member at MTR Smit Children’s Haven.