Kaohsiung City 8th Annual Pride March

On 25th November Kaohsiung City held their 8th annual Pride march. The theme for Kaohsiung pride was “Kao • Xing • Chu • You” is our theme. “Kao” in Chinese means delightfulness, glory, or even orgasm, while “Xing” means sex released from stigma and breaking taboos. This year’s event is the first pride after the constitutional court ruled that not legalizing same sex marriages is unconstitutional, which sets Taiwan on course to be the first Asian country to legalize same sex marriages.

To add to the celebrations Mr Gay World 2017, John Raspado from the Philippines was invited by the organizers to the pride march. This was the first time Mr Gay World was in Taiwan.

Pride goers flooded him with selfies and hugs. After the procession he attended the official after-party at Brickyard the only club in town that offers a Gay night on Thursday’s – Rainbow Thursday. Mr Gay World, the current and previous Mr Gay Taiwan stole all the attention with a dance off. This pride was really an occasion where people from all around the world united to celebrate love.

If you would like Mr Gay World to attend your pride or LGBT events please send us an email at office@mrgayworld.com