Kyle Ean Haggerty wins Mr. Gay America 2017/2018

Mr. Gay America, founded in 1983, is the most prestigious pageant and competition for gay men in the United States of America. Founded by Gibb Hausesburger, its mission is to promote everything positive in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Mr. Gay America has always been on the forefront of the gay community.

During his winners reigning year of service, he has the opportunity to entertain the public, be an administrator for the contest system, and give back to the community with his platform. The titleholders exhibit leadership, mentorship, healthy lifestyle, and should be a role model for all to follow.

In this current era, Mr. Gay America is owned and managed by Mad Angel Entertainment. Owned by Michael Dutzer and Robert Mansman. As the entertainment and celebrity status in the gay community tends to be dominated by female impersonators, Mad Angel Entertainment decided to be the catalyst to put men in the same prestigious arena. Mr. Gay America is the brother system to Miss Gay America,  the oldest female impersonation pageant in the United States. The partnership of these two amazing titles is why the Gay America Pageantry System is the most coveted.

The finals night for Mr. Gay America was held on July 2, 2017, in Dallas Texas, USA at the Rose Room. Witnessed by hundreds in attendance and with standing room only; Kyle Ean Haggerty was selected as your new Mr. Gay America.

His journey to the title came amongst a highly competitive field. Kyle Ean was the winner of the Personal Interview and Onstage Question categories. He came second in the talent and third in the Presentation categories. He also received high marks in the formalwear category. All this showing a high level of consistency throughout the competition.

The first runner-up was Judas Elliot, the winner of the talent and presentation categories. The second runner-up was Jeffrey Kelly, the winner of the formalwear category. The third runner-up was Michael Jay Valentine winner of the photogenic category and the fourth runner-up was Michael LaMasters.

Kyle and his entire court has won numerous national titles combined in the male pageant arena verifying the high level of competition. Kyle himself has been involved at the international pageantry level with modelling and as a performing arts consultant for the past 26 years.

Kyle has worked with and trained international performers and contest winners in every segment of the performing arts and pageant industry. Kyle is no stranger to competitions himself. He was a nine-time United States National Dance champion, a former Mr. USA, a former Mr. Black America, and former Mr. United States. He has been featured in many publications and television shows receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination for his show on MTV. Kyle has travelled internationally as a content expert executive and featured in numerous media outlet as a talk show host. He is highly qualified to be the spokesperson for the Mr. Gay World organization.

Kyle is looking forward to representing the United States of America at the 2018 Mr. Gay World competition. He plans to continue to use his voice to advocate his platform – the empowerment and career development of gay youth as well as to be an inspiration to mature gay men around the world.