Mister Gay Belgium Jaimie Deblieck attacked and verbally assaulted.

In the night of Friday 9th February – 10th February, Mister Gay Belgium 2017 Jaimie Deblieck was attacked after a night out in his hometown Roeselare, Belgium. He received several kicks and was pushed on the ground. He was verbally assaulted based on him being gay. Deblieck went to the police and started up a procedure.

Jaimie Deblieck is very upset about the attack. He went to the hospital for a check up and went to the police to start up a case. Later that day the police said they will take this very serious.

“Jaimie is very sad and angry at the same time”, says Mister Gay Belgium-organisator Bram Bierkens. “But he has a strong personality. He already survived many threats and negative comments after his election as Mister Gay Belgium 2017. I don’t understand why people do such things. We still have a lot of work to do for our acceptance.”

Hate and violence can be brought under the attention at the police or using the ‘Uni-Form’ app, an app and online platform that gives vision to homophobia and transfobia.