by Angie Gallagher Glitz and glam was on the agenda on Day 2 of Competition week with a morning shoot in formalwear, followed by a workshop presented by Gavin Prins of Red Dot PR, during which he explained the importance of PR for public figures like the delegates. The delegates were then tasked with creating an intro to present themselves to the public. Prins was notably impressed with some of the delegates’ work. In his intro, Mr. Gay Philippines, Gleeko Magpoc, gave some background about himself – “from the Philippines to Sweden, then to South Africa, a young man came to represent his country”. Mr. Gay Taiwan, Po-Hung Chen, elaborated about his background in dragon boat racing, and as the manager of a brand new dating service in Asia. Later in the afternoon, a visit to the Knysna Elephant Park had the delegates in awe, and they had a chance to have a close encounter with the titans of the jungle. Said Mr. Gay Finland, Rami Kiiskinen, “It was a blast. I had so much fun there, and I have never seen elephants in real life, so it was a very fulfilling experience. When we got to touch them, I felt some kind of connection. They do such important work for preserving these beautiful animals.” Mr. Gay Thailand, Pakkarapong Khuaikoen, who was a member of the team that won the challenge of putting together the most creative meal for the elephants, echoed this sentiment, and emphasised the importance of team work in the various challenges that the delegates are presented with. As the crowning of Mr. Gay World 2018 inched closer, the pace was picking up for the delegates, and the pressure was mounting, but the delegates still enjoyed the many lighter moment that Mr. Gay World 2018 competition week served up.