Mr Gay World Mexico 2017 – Jorge Gonzalez

Mr Gay World Mexico is proud to announce that after a three day of competition we have elected a winner who will represent Mexico at the World finals of Mr Gay World from 5th till 10th of May in Spain. The 2017 winner is Jorge Gonzalez from the Zacatecas State

14 participants, who were the winners in their State elections, participate in Merida, Yucatan from 2nd till 5th of March in the National finals of Mr Gay World Mexico. They had to participate in an art challenge, a sport challenge, a written examination, a social media challenge, a video challenge an interview and finally at a gala event showing their best side in casual, typical, swimwear and evening dress competition. It was a close final but at the end Jorge Gonzalez won the title of Mr Gay World Mexico 2017.

Jorge, who won the Mr Gay World Zacatecas State title before, will represent Mexico in Spain and be our 2017 Mr Gay World Mexico title holder. Jorge is 24 years old and in his last year as a Chemical Engineer Student at the Zacatecas Autonomy University. Beside his study, Jorge has his own business promoting a French cosmetic brand in Zacatecas and is doing some modelling under the name George Glezz