On the runway with Mr Gay World™

There is a special price for special talents at the Mr Gay World™ competition – it’s the title “Mr Fashion Show“. The winner of this title is granted a modeling contract with the international model and show creation agency Nouba Events, Austria. The winner of the Mr Gay World™ Fashion Show Challenge 2016 was Kyle Patrick the representative of Sint Maarten who has now staged his debut at the fashion show: FASHION IN CONCERT 2016.

As a contemporary dancer and model Kyle Patrick brought all the talent and skills to merge into the international team of artists that form the show. FASHION IN CONCERT is staged during 5 days for the 75.000 visitors of the annual fair in Austria and has been the first step of Kyle Patrick on his journey with Nouba Events. We are looking forward to monitor and report to you about this journey.

Who will be the next Mr Fashion Show?

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