Fran Alvarado

Current Mr Gay World and Family Doctor.

Fran is 30 years old. He is a family doctor currently living in Madrid. He is in the front trenches of helping and assisting patients with COVID-19.

He grew up in a small municipality in the west of Spain living with his grandparents and was supported by his family since coming out to them at the age of 16.

He likes to surround himself with people who bring out the positive in him and cherish friendships as he is still friends with persons he met in his youth.

He entered MR GAY WORLD to continue giving visibility to the group and learn more about LGBTIQ+ activism in the world.

John Jeffrey (Janjep) Carlos

Vice President of a Real Estate and an entrepreneur based in Manila Philippines.

Part time model/actor, traveller and fitness enthusiast.

Active member of Mental Health Ph, a non-profit organization that supports and helps people with mental health issues thru social media.

My advocacy is #illnesstowellness.